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Lisa Poche Calhoun
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  Mr. Raymond Jones  
  Survivalism and Prepping Expert  
 Mr. Raymond Jones, Survivalism and Prepping Expert
Raymond Allen Jones, survivalist and prepping expert, chose to live off of the grid in Montana for three years. Born in rural northern Mississippi in 1952, Raymond said he adapted to off-grid living more easily because he didn’t have the luxury of indoor plumbing or bathroom facilities until he was in the fourth grade. After graduating from Horn Lake High School, he went to work, first in a factory for three years and then a transmission shop for thirteen, before going to work with a construction company in Memphis, Tennessee. Always interested in learning, this mechanic, carpenter, woodworker, hunter and fisherman continued his education and eventually earned his master’s degree. He has always been a student of survival and preparing for rough times.

In 2006, Raymond and his wife Sara moved to central Montana and lived off-grid on Sugarloaf Mountain. They bought a cabin on some acreage and lived without running water, indoor bathroom or electricity. The nearest power line was three miles away, and it was five miles to their mailbox, twenty miles to the nearest small town and fifty miles to Walmart in Great Falls. The move from the Southern US to the wilderness of Montana was a big change; they had to acclimate to short summers, long winters, cold and plenty of snow. Willing to learn and determined to survive, they adapted, even growing much of their own food, often utilizing cold frame tenting. They heated with wood, even when it was thirty-five degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

Raymond cares for people. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with others and helping them learn how they, too, can prepare themselves and their loved ones for difficult times.
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